Nov 5, 2018
SillaRohm (All reviews)
To summarise Winter Woods is a very nice webtoon, with a story that renews a quite common plot, making it feel new. The art, the characters are wonderful and contribute plenty to this. If you like the type of smooth, warm relationships without any useless barriers between the characters and hardships that seem real and justified, I warmly recommend Winter Woods to you.

Story - 8

The story is a positive, romantic version of Frankenstein. A young boy that was created by an alchemist is sent to live with a young writer, Jane, to see whether he is really alive and can be considered a human. The story basically follows their life together.
It's the type of story that I personally enjoy very much, but I didn't give it a 10 because the end felt a little rushed (especially for side characters) and lacked the emotions that I had felt during the story.

Art - 10

I personally enjoy digital art without being an absolute fan of it, but I gave it a 10 because the webtoon just felt like an explosion of colours. The story takes place in winter and I could feel the cold colliding with the warmth of the characters and their relationship. Winter is the "non-alive", with clear white skin, light blue eyes and black hair, and Jane is the "full of life" one, with shining green eyes and red hair. They represent this colliding. It is extremely pleasant.

Character - 10

Definitely the best aspect of the webtoon in my opinion. The transformation of the characters was wonderful. At the beginning, I had trouble identifying and sympathising with some characters, and was a little worried that I never would. But as they changed, they became more and more loveable and attaching.
My only negative point would be that all these changes in character took place over one season, whereas they didn't experience a single change in centuries. But nevermind, it was still very enjoyable.

Enjoyment - 9

I think this is a very personal category, but if you like this type of story, I think you would enjoy it too.

Overall - 9
I really recommend this webtoon.