Nov 4, 2018
BlackDoggo (All reviews)
I grew up watching Yu Yu Hakusho and I'm kinda protective of what could have been of the show in its special, but I'm happy with the results, overall.

The first OVA is a prequel to the anime, showing when Hiei and Kurama first met. I think this was in the manga, showing a girl that Kurama met in junior high. Being the first thing to watch, all hyped that I was, it was a bit boring, cliché and hushed (the episode is very short), the final battle is a bit dumb too but it was good seeing the boiis again.

The second one is a sequel to the events of the last tournment, with the complete Urameshi Team. It was fun, had lots of characters in such a small screen time and lots of good nostalgia. The ending was a bit too much for the simply plot of the episode, but that's also ok.

I think YYH looks way better hand drawn, but I didn't have any problem with this digital era service on it. Watch it if you like the original show, it will definetly be a good nostalgia experience!