Nov 3, 2018
Timmytimtam (All reviews)
The world's most asshole JoJo character comes back again to draw on some faces and punch some children, These two OVAs are pretty interesting because David Production worked on this instead of making a good part 5 ed.

The two OVAs starts out in the town of Morioh where eagle eyed viewers will notice that this is actually a parallel universe to the Morioh from part 8 of JoJo. Other things eagle eyed viewers will notice are Rohan's headband and the appearance of Koichi's dad.

The story of these OVAs is secondary to the genius character of Rohan which successfully scared many people away from talking to Araki.
music returns from part 4 and I eat up part 4 like I overeat after having a bad day.

Art is slightly different from part 4 but still has the obvious JoJo style so anyone who complains is objectively wrong. I really enjoyed these OVAs, they're a fuck ton of fuck fun.

8/10 in the part 4 ed i thought that pink dark boy was gyro, eat shit and fall off your horse rohan.