Nov 2, 2018
Eoussama (All reviews)
It's become an addictive habit for me to write down a few paragraphs to sort of clear out all the thoughts I had clouding my head, so no matter how vague or short something is, it's still worth the analytic effort, and as it's been known since God knows how long, an image is worth a thousand words, and with animation, you get at least 24 images (frames) a second, that's a lot of words, add to that the vocals and you've got yourself a book to write. But should you really? That's part of why I'm doing this, so you don't have to.

“Another: Misaki Mei - Shizukani” is a short (4 minutes) music video that goes on a slide of cute chibi drawings of Mei accompanied with a soft and delicate angelic voice singing a lullaby that tingles your heart. We all know, the parent series ended with questionable sacrifices that left us with grieve at some point. But this one was totally different from the classic offering you'd get from a dark series such as Another.

I could go on a lengthy essay on why I enjoyed this musical and why I think it has deep symbolism into it, but I really don't want to go all out for such a short animation and end up overdoing it. And let's keep it simple, nobody would want to read a full scroll on why you should or shouldn't watch a 4 minutes music video.

- Sound (8.5/10):
The song was really good, something differently worthy of making it into my Otaku music collection, it's so relaxing and sweet it had me click the replay button right off the bat, and that's something very obscure to me I could have nearly googled how to replay the video (r/thathappened), not really, I just was trying to put in perspective how good the song really is.

- Art (8.5/10):
You're not getting something phenomenal here, it's all about the music really. The best there is are still images of Chibi Mei doing quite poses layered on top of various background indicating a sequential order of episodes? (There were a class and a beach!). Again, I'm not really complaining, at least it's not some stupid CGI models screaming in pain (looking at you Overload 3 ~gaze~).

- Enjoyment (9/10):
It was really fun and wholesome, for me at least. I appreciate good music and vocal quality and I felt like home with “Another: Misaki Mei - Shizukani”. It seriously didn't take more than seconds in when I told myself, I could be in wonderland the next 4 minutes until it flew like a lightning bolt. Thank God the replay button is a thing.

- Overall (8.5/10):
In general, it doesn't have to be about the fans of the series that are queen on consuming anything related. All it takes is being a music enthusiast and you are in a great vocal ride for a few minutes.