Nov 1, 2018
saki88 (All reviews)
Stunningly Beautiful!
I've completed reading more than a hundred chapters/episodes of this webtoon. I guess the one added on the data of myanimelist is for season 1 only.
Regardless, this is one of the webtoons that I really love.
The story is not that amazing, but it has lessons and that's what I loved the most.
The art is beyond amazing. There are manga with great art but I've learned to love webtoons lately because of the beauty in digital art.
the characters in the story are loveable, not all, but most of them will touch your hearts.
The ending was quite abrupt, and the authors did mention about it in the end of the chapter.
However, Im hoping they could make some extra chapters/episodes of the future lives of the characters.
Thank you to the author and the artist.