Oct 31, 2018
Chris_Eclair (All reviews)
Voynich Hotel is basically a spin off of the Addams Family manga (which does not exist). I mean, there are all these dark themes combined with humor just like in the Addams Family series . Everything takes place in this island called Blefuscu in the middle of nowhere, southwest of the Pacific. You see, the island's got a lotta history ever since its colonization and a lot of supernatural activities seem to be centered around this hotel and, on a broader scale, island. You have drug dealers somehow growing tons of pot in just one hotel room without anyone finding out about it for about a third of the series, ghosts of yakuza members, ghosts of young and high mathematicians, witches, sociopaths, assassins, Mexican wrestlers, ghosts of assassins and, most importantly, maids. We follow the story of a Japanese tourist as he learns about Blefuscu and the witches, the ghosts, the abandoned amusement parks, the robot detectives and the assassins. It's all based on a true story.

But really, the story isn't what makes this series so fun to read. What really makes this manga so good is the humor.
There's something about the absurdity in this series that makes it hilarious. And no matter how absurd it is it can never be called "random". Random humor is not funny, this is funny. It happens to not make a lot of sense at points but it is treated as if it does and that's what makes the humor in this manga so spot-on. The characters contribute a lot to this absurdity as they are very absurd and mysterious themselves. You have an introverted maid with scars all over her body, another maid who's a presumably 13 year old girl wearing an eye patch, a hotel manager wearing a Mexican wrestling mask throughout the entire series, Chuck Norris' front tooth. The list goes on and thankfully, unlike other series, this manga explains why everything is the way it is later on.

The artstyle, although not perfect, compliments the characters and the aura of the manga as they're all drawn in a way that reflects their personality and character traits, plus it's eerie yet goofy just how a dark humor series should be. Though at first there doesn't seem to be much effort put into it, it becomes obvious how purposefully spooky and crude it is to give the series that aura of crude and spooky.

Overall, I have enjoyed myself to the fullest while reading this. The ending was on such a short notice but we're left satisfied as just about everything of actual importance has been explained. Plus, what would you expect from a comedy manga?
This Halloween I feel obligated to give this manga a big 10/10, truly a spooksterpiece and absolutely worth your time.