Oct 30, 2018
starfarts (All reviews)
I loved New Game! because it was a relentlessly-positive experience that oozed joy in every episode. NG!! starts strong, but halfway through, when the two new characters are introduced, it tanks hard. Everything becomes more serious, more dramatic, and less fun to watch.

It's the same trap 90% of comedies fall into: they start with hilarious jokes and great vibes, but then halfway through the small seeps turn into gushing floods of needless melodrama that overwhelmingly destroy the lightheartedness. I thought the first series was incredible because it's so rare to maintain cheery atmosphere without being sunk by crap; NG!! fails in this regard.

The two new main characters are total bitches. I knew from the start that they would have their "reasons" for being bitchy, and they did come at the very end, but for 4-5 episodes the two of them dragged every scene down with their negative attitudes. It completely spoiled what made NG! a fantastic experience. Not to mention, the final episode is a complete drama-dump of feels, and while I did believe it was genuine (and it was written fine), it just completely ruined the entire second series.

The tone shift from series one to series two was a huge mistake.