Oct 29, 2018
Craneface (All reviews)
First time reviewing a manga so bear with me.
In all honesty I never once thought I'd be able to read manga and let alone a manga with these tags.

I started watching the anime that is currently airing and it's by far one of the best anime series I have ever watched.

I wanted to see what happened after the episode I was currently at while reviewing this manga so I started reading it from where the episode ended since I didn't want to wait a week without knowing what was gonna happen.

I got so caught up in it that I read it through to the end.
It appears the anime is following the manga but for everyone's sake, I hope it doesn't end up like the manga, that was so heartbreaking.
The most heartbreaking and tragic story I've heard of in anime.
It really was such a nice manga but the ending of it..
No. It was way too savage for me but a lot of people probably likes those sorts of endings.

I can't really explain in details what I think about the story and art and character and so on.