Aug 4, 2010
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This is a very nice manga nothing clique about it...and since im not really into the romance with comedy. This was prefect for me...the drama is really a slice of life...or should i say a slice of reality. It points out teens that falls into an adult world and comforts adult situations. Parent abandonment 'cause the child was not in a child's place{ not trying to sound harsh but...} Anywho the parents are also in the wrong.
( Its really hard to not spoil anything 'cause its really interesting and i really want to just say it all)
Shiika the main female lead is on rocks with her current boyfriend of four whole years..{ which is amazing for high schoolers by the way} gets support from the seemingly happy Megumi who is the main male lead.
But Shiika realizes even with her courage and Megumi's support the love and sparks still arent there; so she ends it.
Behind the scenes Shiika continues been Megumi's "friend" later to fall in with...She confesses her feelings to him getting only the truth behind his fake smiles.
[ lol hopefully no spoliers]