Aug 3, 2010
deleteme234 (All reviews)
Remember watching/reading Elfen Lied or Gantz and being shocked by the nudity and gore. Both of these animes pushed the boundaries of mature content to the extreme, or so I thought...

Yume no Omocha Koujo, the title that just rolls off your tongue contains some of the most sick, necrophiliac, psychopathic material with tons of fucked up guro images and defecation as well as mutilated sex.

I have a pretty high tolerance to this kind of shit, but Yume no Omocha Koujo pushed it. I can't even believe I just read this manga.

Most of the stories are pretty retarded and are quickly put together for the sole purpose of exploitation. One of the stories, Drafting a Water Goddess disturbed to the point where I wanted to actually brutally slaughter the fucking disturbed, necrophiliac, deluded villagers who rape, torture, and slaughter their own women in a disgusting game.

The beginning of the series contains stories that are somewhat tolerable, but still disgusting. One of the stories involves white string that comes out of people's piercing, and activates different bodily funtions. Towards the end of the series, though, the content becomes more and more involved with scat. If you don't know what scat is, it's shit.

It just makes me wonder what kind of sick fuck wrote this manga.

Unfortunately the art is pretty well detailed and does its job at completely shocking the reader, to the point where some people might even throw up.

The characters...well...they extremely memorable and vibrant. Naw, I'm just fucking with you!!! They were all completely one dimensional.

This was a pretty shocking read. If you have the balls to read this, then go ahead. For what it is, this manga is pretty inventive and original. Don't go into this manga expecting something deep.