Oct 27, 2018
SharafDan (All reviews)
* Summary:
- Nanami and Koito are looking for a doki doki heartwarming love.
- Popular lovely senpai [senior] falls for younger kawaii Kōhai [junior].
- Senpai needs attention, and younger kind Kōhai is the one who comforts her.

- Bloom Into You approaches drama while keeping a distance from complexity and stupid annoying regular fails.

* Story:
- Both Koito and Nanami are looking for a love confession moment that'd make their hearts melt like they have never felt before!
That's basically the story.

- It's a highschool Shoujo Ai romance with usual situations that involve school love story: working together in the Student Council, preparing some events together, walking home together.. etc.
Of course it's not that simple, there's some kind of drama being revealed by the time, however it's not irritating or stupid so far. It's just some needed character and love development.

- Although Koito-Kōhai is younger than Nanami-senpai, but in this sweet romance relationship, the girl you expect to be in control and domination [of relationship] is letting her guards down and is in need of attention,
while the girl you expect to be the stalker-like who suffers and tries hard to reach senpai's heart is actually the one who's needed and who's in control of this sweet heartwarming story!

- Kōhai holds senpai's hands, senpai's blushing.. I would expect the opposite, and this is why this anime triggered me!

- It feels lighthearted so far, and hopefully it keeps like that til the end.

* Art:
- Sweet colorful art style that feels like a Shoujo Ai romance indeed:
Character design is beautiful, and the city, the school, the train, the people, the green trees leaves flying around with the camera moving swiftly and then slowly, the details, the sceneries.. everything is beautiful and so colorful to the point that my eyes are glowing and my heart is racing!

I'd like to say it again: colors make love story even more sweet and heartwarming!

* Sound:
- Beautiful music:
Piano playing in the background and the camera moving smoothly with the flying leaves under golden sun rays, while Koito is patting her senior Nanami and giving her some sweet hugs!
So art and music make a great combination, and music is actually beautiful not sad, thank God!

- Voice acting is very well done:
Switch off lights of your room, wear your headphones and feel Koito and Nanami voices finding their way smoothly into your heart as if you were with them in the same room!

- Everything about music and voice acting finds itself smoothly into my heart, and that's what I need when I watch romance.

* Character:
- Honest and not honest Koito Yuu [the little Kōhai], and lovely blushing Nanami Touko [the senpai].

- Koito was introduced as a different character than usual characters in romance shows, she seemed to be honest about her feelings. She tells senpai about her feelings whether they're negative or positive.
But when love grows in her, she begins to change.
In both cases, she's not making awkward situations because of hesitation. Whether she acts honestly or not, she's trying to find true love that will find its way into her heart.

- What makes Nanami Touko senpai adorable and cute?
She's like the ideal main girl at school, everybody knows her, everybody wants to be her boyfriend/girlfriend, she's most likely confident and she's almost best girl in everything.
But despite all of that, imagine such unattainable girl is like a cute little puppy who demands petting!
However, she won't be like that with anyone but Koito.. she's now in love,
Her heart is like doki doki when she's with Koito, and of course her beloved Koito is so kind that she would give her what she needs!

- It would be an understatement if I say that's everything about Koito Yuu and Nanami Touko or if I say their characters are that simple!
In fact there's more about them, for example Touko looks confident but she's actually not, and Yuu sometimes says I don't when she actually does!
If I explain more, I will spoil the whole thing for you, so I hope this much will help you understand the characters to decide if you're gonna watch this anime.

- Saeki Sayaka is Nanami's best friend, she has that role to play and you can just imagine what does it mean to be best friend.

- We also get to meet boy characters, one of them seems really interesting.. specially his curiosity!
I'm fine with that as long as it doesn't involve in the main plot. Bloom Into You seems really cautious when approaching dangerous drama courses!
I'm thankful.

* Enjoyment and Overall:
It's a sweet heartwarming colorful romance story with a bit of lighthearted drama to the point that doesn't ruin your enjoyment at all.
No depression or stupid drama so far.