Oct 26, 2018
Animegrin245 (All reviews)
Welcome to my review of Resort Boin! Since this is a hentai review I'll be brief and keep each category as brief as I can with dot jots!

Story: 7/10
-Normal story, nothing special
-Good pacing
-Generic Setting

Art and Animation: 9/10
-Amazing art
-Fitting the setting
-Fluid Animation
-One of the best hentai scenes ever is within the series! (Shower Scene)

Sound: 7/10
-Great performances
-Decent soundtrack
-Some mediocre performances here and there

Character: 8/10
-Decent development for Characters
-Phenomenal character designs!
-Good variety of personalities in the cast.

Enjoyment: 9/10
-Very Good
-Enjoyable for almost every single part (In both ways...)

Overall: 8/10
Very enjoyable Hentai that is worth a re-watch or two. However story and sound does hold it back from being among the great hentai's! I highly recommend it!