Oct 26, 2018
AlphaOmegaKnight (All reviews)
After watching the first season of Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear), I can’t help but feel wanting for more of this series. The first season consisted of only 13 episodes. It introduced the general premise of the story and had its character roster in set. However, it missed the opportunity to expand more and build on those elements. Have no fear. Season 2 is here and it’s set to fill the gaps for you diehard fans of this classic mahou shojo animes. However, on the staff changed. Back when the 1st season of Symphogear ended and the 2nd season was announced, there were some staff changes. Perhaps the most notable departure aside from character designer Satoshi Koike, was the director of season 1: Tatsufumi Ito. Both of them departed to work on other projects and this left some holes to fill on the team. So the people in charge took a look at those who remained behind. A storyboard artist and director who worked on a few episodes of season 1, Katsumi Ono, ended up being the one to fill the hole and was announced as the director of season 2 and later on, season 3. Katsumi Ono made his directorial debut in 2006 with the anime, Hataraki Man, though he's probably best known for his work on the 3rd Yu-Gi-Oh series: 5Ds. This is where everything begins. He also later directed Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V.He does his best with characterization, worldbuilding and lore surrounding certain plots. Plus he did foreshadowing in Symphogear G that later turned out to be a real plot towards the end of Symphogear AXZ. Symphogear has low-budget animation problem back when Season 1 came out in 2012 and alot of plot holes with gaps towards the end of episode 13. How did Symphogear G do any good? Was 6 years of worth the wait really handfull cus nobody talk on thise show due to how poorly it's views were in outside Jp, but still got a solid ending.

Ah, Symphogear G, a show that people may have forgotten by now. It’s one of the more underrated series of 2013 and honestly not surprising. G is the second season of the series that began from the original series. And by story standards, a lot has evolved since then. I’ll state the obvious for now. Watching the previous season is absolutely necessary as you will be completely lost if you come into G fresh.

One major part of the sequel is that the length is almost the same duration of the first season 13 episodes. It consists of episodes (with also gaps that haven't bean explaned) as part of its storytelling. Therefore, expect almost twice as much as details. As an avid fan of the anime, I’m also rather impressed by the faithfulness of its evolution.

Something that I often found appealing about Senki Zesshou Symphogear is how stylish it establishes itself. It’s a typical idol anime series yet is able to spread its themes and knows how to do so. The second season asks a question: what really makes a character sing an angel? From the first half, we get a trio of new characters (Confrant with FIS) that pits the best of the best between classes. While this may seem like a generic battle type of role you can find in many shounen series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear sets itself to establish characters within its peak. Prominent characters such as Yukine, Tsubasa, Yukine gives the audience their insight on their reasoning for fighting. It also introduced us to a new trio (Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukiyomi) along with two new characters,John Wayne Vercingetorix (Dr. Ver. for short a crazy doctor with a fetish for being a hero) and Nastassja Tolstaya "Ma'am, Mom" who are into bringing the moon down on earth.

Meanwhile, the show still maintains its presence of antagonists. Perhaps the most prominent of these is a creature who used ot be an armon from Season 1

As I watched more and more of season 2, I can’t help but realize that the sequel serves as a way to prepare for the characters/heroes for what’s really ahead. What I mean is that while the second season is rich in content, it still leaves some gaps to fill. Mainly, prominent villains such as Tomura Shigaraki and his right-hand man Kurogiri play very minor roles despite establishing themselves as a dangerous threat from the first season. All Might also plays a lesser role in this season despite still being the main hero. Although his role is still important for Deku’s development, it feels that his character dynamics with the boy is less. As a show loaded with characters, don’t expect everyone to get the same development as the main cast. While most characters gets some time to shine, others are left with less memorable moments or comic relief. (yes, I’m looking at you, Mineta) Finally, season 2’s storytelling can occasionally feel stale at times with the academy setting and themes. Luckily, the comedy gives the fans its entertainment value that’s deceptively fun to watch.

Satelight(known for their adaptation of other Mahou Shojo animes) returns with their animation quality better than ever. I must admit, season 2 sets the bar for is stylish animation. However, there are a few scenes that feel stagnant especially during the fight with Dr Ver. Perhaps some of those can be fixed later in BD/DVDs but it’s nothing too distracting. Character designs in this sequel also remains memorable for characters.

When listening to the soundtrack, I can’t help but feel that everything is on point.I'd say Music and fight scenes match well.

If you’re going to watch this second season, just know that it will be a thoughtful experience beyond the colorful battles. Everything has a reason ranging from the story, themes, morals, and even character names.

I'm actually enjoying it quite a alot. I like Shirabe and Yukine quite a lot and the plot has me a little interested at best.