Oct 26, 2018
collegedebt (All reviews)
Loving someone can be
a slow, intimate connection.
As unexpected the confession
may be, hidden in discretion
it must.

As true to love this
story may be, it's definitely slow
and uneventful. Will Koito grow
into bloom? I don't know --
but I'll watch.

Because these emotions are
in all of us, waiting to grasp desperately
the person we love inseparably;
but we don't, because we watch worriedly:
for we don't want them to go.

It's true to heart, its
true to soul. I care much for Koito,
for Nanami, together by the rainbow,
slowly sparking, the duo below
to loving embrace.

Bloom Into You is slowly unraveling to be a very touching, intimate and very real story of a relationship. I think the best thing to consider of what exists currently is that it tones down a lot of melodrama that would generalize or dumb-down the significance of the relationship very well. The plot seems uneventful but it's time dedicated to emotionally build these characters, and that's where you really get the feel for Koito and Nanami.

If you're looking for a well-written, well-directed story in general, I would not hesitate to suggest this at all. It's great so far, and looking to be greater going forwards.