Oct 26, 2018
Rylston (All reviews)
Im pretty sure there are some of us here who always wanted to fall in love, but could never seem to find the 'spark' it needs to actually fall into one. Then you see people around you start to get into relationship while you feel insecure as in why you cant feel quite the same as the others. And here I present you Yagate Kimi Ni Naru, aka Bloom Into You. This show personally hits me home, it is a very well written story that relates to me to a point I cant describe so easily just with words, and for those out there with any similar experiences, wait no more, stop reading this review and just head on watching this anime already. Otherwise, this is still a really good shoujo ai that is heartwarming and just a great romance show overall.

Story / Character -10-
This story unfolds as it shows Yuu who has always loved reading shoujo ai mangas, dreaming of the day when she might actually fall in love with someone and have a heart racing relationship, however in reality she doesnt feel anything remotely close to it. As she enters high school, she incidentally saw her senpai, Touko who rejected a male student's confession. Having realized that there might be someone out here who is the same with her, knowing that Touko might be the one who can relate to how she feels, she tried to approach her to as for her opinion. However, things didnt go to plan, what Yuu got instead was a confession from Touko herself. The premise of the story basically revolves around this two cast, and with the supporting cast adding more to the story and helping the story to develop. A very simple plot that is very much likable and very well written one at it, pretty much what you will expect out of a shoujo ai but with unique dialogues and monologues that makes it stand out from the others.

Art -9-
Troyca has done a really, and I MEAN REALLY good job on this adaptation. The character designs are basically spot on from the manga, animations are really fluid and whats the most praiseworthy parts are the camera angle, which is seriously superb. Nothing really to complain about tbh, it is an eye candy that everyone can appreciate.

Sound -9-
Voice acting wise it is top notch, having read the manga prior to this anime I didnt thought that the voice acting can actually bring the characters to life, and they sound very suitable for how they look. Soundtrack on the other hand are very good as well, I personally really like the Ending of this show as it is sang by our two main protagonist, and it has a catchy vibe to it.

Overall -9-
Bloom Into You is a must watch IMHO, even if you arent really into the romance genre. The way the story unfolds to how the characters each feel is truly unique and has an indescribable lovely feeling to it. You cant seem to know whats going to happen next (albeit predictable to some extend) and theres always a turn that you might not see coming your way. Aside from the well written main characters, the supporting cast really contributes to the show, their back stories add up to the fullness of the story and hence why I rated it as a 9. As a manga reader of this story, I can boldly say that this anime has a great potential with the source material it has been provided. If you are down for a feel trip, or if you want something that can hit you home, this anime will surely Bloom Into You. Give it a go, and you might find yourself falling in love with it.