Oct 24, 2018
Sakuta (All reviews)
Story: 7/10

The story of Seishun Buta is relatively simple, there is a supernatural phenomenon that happen and that its origin is unknown. This phenomenon is known as ''puberty syndrome'', the protagonist's little sister has been a victim of this phenomenon in the past. The anime begins with Sakuta meeting Sakurajima Mai, who is also being the victim of this phenomenon, from there the protagonist decides to help her.

Sound: 8/10

The opening and ending are very good, when they starts you get so excited. The soundtrack also is good, although it is not perfect, but it is enough to cause impact during drama scenes.

Characters: 10/10

The main character, Sakuta, is so badass! man, i wish be like he. Sakuta in only 5 episodes prove be a excellent character, he goes against all protagonist cliches and surprise you in each new episode. The heroine, Mai, is also a good character, she isn't like the others girls that you usually see in animes, she is racional and not a stupid tsundere. The others characters is also good, in special the cientist girl (dude, i like much her)

Enjoyment: 10/10

Dude, I honestly would give 10 easily to this anime just for the entertainment. You start the episode and when you realize it is over. You become totally focused, the time seems to accelerate. The fact that each episode brings up something new that breaks down cliches surprises us more and more (Especially the protagonist, who goes against 90% of other animes).

Overall: 8/10

If you like animes that are not cliches, in which there are great characters, romance that progresses, and of course, an excellent protagonist, I highly recommend watch Seishun Buta.