Oct 24, 2018
Heumers (All reviews)
Me to myself : Fall season is coming, it’s the time to look for some new animes to watch
*Searching on MAL, finds a school anime named bla bla Bunny girl senpai with a hot bunny girl as a poster cover*
Me to myself : Well then, I think it’ll be a perfect material to fap on. I’ll watch it.

PLEASE Don’t be this kind of person. “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” Or as I shortcut it into “Bunny Girl Senpai” is an anime that teaches you that you shall never judge an anime from its cover. YEP.
“Bunny girl senpai” became one of the highest rating anime in Fall season despite that it was unpopular before it airs, everyone –including me- thought that this anime is going to be another cliché anime school with some fanservice, well, this is definitely not true. As a someone who dislikes Slice of life and school animes, I have to say, that this anime is truly astonishing and has the potential to be the best non-sequel anime in Fall season 2018.

Story :

This anime discuss a something called “Puberty syndrome”. This syndrome is about some supernatural phenomena happen to youths. Like being sad after reading some comments of people wishing your death, so you find your body full of Bruises and Tumors for no reason. Or being invisible to everyone around you and no one can see you. This may sound ridiculous, right? but if you think deeper about it. You’ll find out that this anime is talking about different situations happen to us in the high-school. The spread of some false rumors about you, or that there is a student that no one talks to etc … However, this anime stress on these situations by alternating the “mental” effect on the victim into “physical” effect, somehow, like a metaphor. if those victims (students) suffer from these physical effects without a solution, the consequences will be not fine at all.

Characters :

The best part about this anime is characters to be honest. Our protagonist is somehow like Hachiman from Oregairu. The protagonist here is a badass one who doesn’t care if there’re false rumors about him or that people hate him. What I love in him also that he’s so straight forward, saying what he wants to say without thinking a lot even if it’s pervert or embarrassing. We also have another protagonist which is Mai, the bunny girl, and Sakuta’s senpai. Despite being older than him, he still loves her so much. Mai is also a unique girl, she may act like a cliché anime girl sometimes but I still like her too.
The other characters are good too, Tomoe Koga, The lab girl, Sakuta’s sis, Sakuta’s friend. No one is boring among them to be honest.

Animation :

The animation here is decent, nothing much to say about it anyways.

Sounds :

The OSTs here aren’t bad nor good anyways, so I think it’s fine too. The OP Song and ED song are both okey. However, if we talk about the Voice actors. I really admire Sakuta’s VA. Sakuta’s screaming voice in episode 3 felt so realistic and genuine.

Enjoyment :

This anime isn’t like the other cliché romantic school animes. The romance here is calm, mature and smooth, the chemistry between Mai and Sakuta is a something that really express what “romance” has to be. And the fact that Sakuta loves his senpai, is something I don’t usually see in school animes. I really enjoy every dialogue and every moment in this anime and there’s no boring scene till now I guess.

Overall :

Smooth Romance with good chemistry and no childish actions? *Tick*
A unique plot? *Tick*
Nice characters? *Tick*

Basically, if you want to watch something genuine and good, here you are. This anime is the best choice for it. I hope that this anime doesn’t take a route that destroys the beauty of the first few episodes. And if this anime will show us some real romance between Sakuta and Mai instead of having harem around him (Which is a something that I’m definitely scared of). Then, this will be one of the best non-sequel animes in 2018 so far.

“I’m ecstatic that you are stomping on my foot”. –Sakuta Azusagawa.