Oct 24, 2018
Pipe (All reviews)
I am sure that several spectators started to watch the show after seeing the cover art and the Bunny Girl title. However, you aren’t going to watch a girl wearing a bunny outfit all the time … sorry to disappoint. Also, the audience can relate the anime with Bakemonogatari, Sakurada Reset to name some and the similarity between the main characters' behavior, the mystery in the plot, and the supernatural events.

On the other hand, as a positive aspect about the series, we have the characters chemistry and an entertaining plot. The story is interesting and mysterious, it could be a bit confusing for some, but it has a taint that boosts the characters interactions and hooks the spectators with good pacing. In this anime, the author cared to develop a world where the school is the center, and the events affect the characters and the interaction with the outside world.

We have two main characters, but their personalities differ a lot, so the contrast makes the characters more vivid. They aren't the typical high schoolers with the same generic background as most of the high school series. The main male character Sakuta has a nice introvert attitude and with an awkward past and could be a weirdo. Furthermore, he is ironic, sarcastic and with some sense of humor executed flawlessly. The main female character aka the Bunny Girl Mai (her face looks like a bunny :3) is a famous actress but with a mature air that is not normal in this kind of series. I am finding the background very interesting, but she will experience some unexpectant events related to a certain syndrome that I am not going to explain because we have only seen four episodes and this syndrome will affect the plot outcome in several ways.

The art is clean and precious. I am surprised by the quality and color management. However, it is not perfect, and some camera angles could have been improved, but you won't notice them.
The OP (Kimi no Sei) is marvelous. I think the peggies did a great work performing the song; the lyrics are magnificent and have a great score that helps to follow them.

Lastly, the series is good so far, albeit there are some plot mysteries related to the “puberty syndrome” that need to be revealed and explained but there are good theories in MAL’s forum.