Oct 24, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Bunny Girl Senpai is an anime about this famous child actress who turns invisible, a main character dude who doesn't give a fuck about anything, and his little sister who was verbally assaulted to a point that she started bleeding blood and became a shut-in. All of this happens because of some magic disease called a puberty syndrome.

The events include our main bro being some sort of women-helping Jesus except if the women are bothering him in which case he roasts them by claiming they are on their periods or otherwise strips in front of them to make them awkward blushy blush, because apparently, he is the only person in the series who doesn't get embarrassed over nothing.

Our series relies on certain levels of edge and apathy when it wants to, but usually these things are forgotten in 3 seconds when our main bro starts roasting someone. Be it him calling a dude who is using a camera a wannabe photographer or just appearing superior to anyone else for no other reason than others being inferior to him.

Nothing really makes much sense here. Our dude cares so little about anything that he can see the invisible bunny costume-wearing senpai and then they become friends or something and chat about the supernatural things that occur in this series with the same disinterest the main bro is already radiating regarding everything that exists because that's the sole point of his character.

There has been quite a few series that have dealt with similar themes in highly similar manner. These include Bakemonogatari, Oregairu and Suzumiya Haruhi. The problem here is that everything in this one feels forced and fake. The main cast can be believable and realistic at times, but most of everyone else isn't. Rather they seem to exist just for the main characters since they so often are some one-dimensional buttholes or angry lil girls who get served by the mc and then disappear. Especially scenes such as random girl appearing just to fuck with the mc's shit and call him a pedophile are cringe and feel nothing other than stupido filler.

I think melancholy, vanity, disinterest and in generally being the outcast offer incredible potential under these settings, but I fail to see what makes Bunny Girl a good exemplary of these. The best thing about this series is how familiar and welcoming it feels, but unlike so many other series similar to it, it seems like a good example of a series that is not living up to its potential at all. Real zero effort stuff. I also feel physically ill from the existential philosophies presented in the series. I feel like this series is disrespecting its audience. It's like asking philosophy student "know who Sigmund Freud is?" The dialogue can also be pretty meh seasoned with lame. Lewd and sexual remarks presented in a highly teenage manner and not with the level of maturity and awareness that is usually seen in the dialogue of similar anime series. I'd much rather have the cast hit the tarantino-effect instead of this nonsense.

Despite this series promoting itself and its characters with the "I am not like all the rest" -attitude, what I am seeing here is pretty much like most of the rest: A completely average anime series, soulless and empty version of what it could have been. Attempt to make the next big hit under these settings, but failing to see what made any of the earlier ones worth of praise in the first place. I give this a 4 instead of a 5 just to show how little effort it takes to be as edgy as the mc.