Oct 23, 2018
gilder1985 (All reviews)
There are some minor spoilers, so take care when reading this;

Now, there are a lot of differing opinions on what you should get out of isekai stories; I'm pretty fond of the genre, myself, and watch a lot of the anime - recently have read quite a few of the manga as well. That being said, there are a lot of different styles, portrayals, and premises for them to play out as. Many negative reviews here, so I thought I'd offer a different opinion, as I enjoyed it just fine.

I rated story 5, as it does tend to follow a lot of the isekai stereotype and not very original beyond the introduction...

The art I gave a 7 - it's not super serious like what you might find in darker stories, but I feel that given the idea of this story is supposed to be pretty lighthearted, the art fits well enough.

The characters I rated a 6; The MC is reincarnated as a badass, lazy, super-powerful dragon. That should be a sweet change and offer a lot of freedom, but as was stated, he takes a pill and becomes a human...or looks human - he still possesses a lot of his dragon powers, or begins to later. Ultimately, he's a badass, but they took some of the direction the story can go away and narrowed it down to the stereotype. Next, introduce the hot elf chick. He gets a companion to his 'party' that fits the stereotypical elf of isekai stories. Young, Bangin' body, and has major skill with archery/magic/combat. Not all bad, and eye candy is always welcome, but there are more ways to go than following the pattern.

As for the Enjoyment rating, I gave it a 7; the reason being, I enjoyed reading it. It was a good way to kill some time, and I felt comfortable reading all 18 chapters from start to finish (not a finished story yet, but what is there so far!) without taking any breaks. At the end of the day, I just look for ways to kill time and make me smile. I wasn't appalled by reading this, nor was I shown scenes that made my stomach curl, as has been the case with other manga/anime. Goblin Slayer, for instance, the first episode left me feeling disturbed and anxious because of the cruelty and depth of evil they portrayed. That's not bad for everyone, but that's also not what I look for. So, in the end, depending on what you expect from a manga or anime, you can expect differing opinions on enjoyment levels. The first review I read, the guy seemed to be more interested in the more serious type of story, whereas this story is more for lighthearted comical value. There are some dark parts in it (the elf's story, for instance, was pretty sad/dark/evil), but overall it follows a lazy, snarky guy looking to have an enjoyable life in this new world he's been forced into.

Overall, I gave it a 7. I will say that the author/artists will need to at some point give a more detailed backstory for the MC. There have been a few hints, but it's all pretty darn vague. I look forward to seeing more, and I hope that the ratings here (overall a 7ish score, so that's good!) don't plunge so much that the story is never completed. Nothing breaks my heart more than getting a good manga/anime/novel series that cuts off in the middle because of lack of funding, or ratings, or some such. Good example of that was the anime series Sekirei - I started watching that a few years back, got through the second season, which ended with a very "to be continued" sort of ending, then almost a decade later, nothing. That's not relevant to this review, so I'll leave it at that; All in all, I strongly recommend this series to someone who wants a fluffy, lighthearted adventure story about a guy trying to have a decent, happy life - no 'defeat the evil' or 'find a way home' or any of that crap, just a "I'm gonna have a good time here" kind of story.