Oct 22, 2018
Blood_Diver_A (All reviews)

(The Test of Virtuous Qualities & Water Play)

Much like its main series, these two special episodes focus mainly on providing the audience as much “Plot” as possible. And as usually, they are only 4 minutes in length each.


The first episode, entitled The Messiah’s Virtues, tells the story of Sandalphins’ device to measure the Messiah Candidate’s Virtuous Qualities and the results from one account of the “Seven Tests of Virtuous Qualities”. At this time, no Messiah Candidate had yet passed all “Seven Tests of Virtuous Qualities”, for they have all succumbed to their perverted desires, but then one promising candidate entered. He is then forced to watch Uriel (Patience), wearing tight-fitting clothes with her massive cleavage, voluptuous breasts, and black panties completely exposed, and strapped to a C-arm table, perform the ridiculous tests.

The second episode, titled Splash! A New Training Method, involves Michael taking every angel to the middle of the park to participate in a “special training exercise”. On that particular day, the angels are wearing extremely risqué swimsuits that reveal their long thighs, large, voluptuous breasts, and tiny bellybuttons. A water battle ensures and the results are more than what the angels are asking for.


The art and animations, especially the uniform and character design, were clearly designed to further develop the “plot” as the camera homes in on specific body parts like the breast, ass, and groin, whereas the animations likes to animate every individual jiggle, sway, jounce and wobble that the large and voluptuous breasts and asses undergo. Some examples include: 1) Uriel forcing the Messiah Candidate to gaze at her breasts, exposed cleavage, her “absolute territory”, and her black panties without moving, 2) mechanical arms appearing and tickling Uriel around her groin, breast, and bellybutton areas, 3) Uriel’s ass getting slapped and then begin to jiggle like crazy, and 4) Michael spraying water that melts the angel’s swimsuits and causing them to be nude and reveal their beautiful character designs.


As usually, the voice acting is decent. At the end of each episodes, you can view the same unoriginal J-Pop ending song, featuring every angel wearing lingerie transparent sleepwear that displays them fully nude, from the main series. And, of course, there is no opening song.


The angels’ only personality is defined solely by the virtues they represent, and let their appearance, attitude, and ‘uniforms’ emphasizes it. And as usually, the angels are devoid of any character development or backstory, still they are cute and angelic, while flaunting their enormous, voluptuous breasts and asses.


A “Plot” show will always be filled with “Plot” material, as usually, it will feature many “Plot” events. Just watch for the “Plot” and forget everything else.