Aug 2, 2010
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Calling all detective wannabes and whodunit-addicts!

Don't read any further then the end of the next sentence.

This is a crime Manga that you can sink your teeth into, you hound, you.

Now if you aren't satisfied with the previous statement, read on...

Almost chilling, the case files in the Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Case Series are well, ingenuous maybe even outshining Detective Conan...?

Detective Conan fans: WHAT!?

Well, after reading this Manga, you can be sure that they are rivals. Even if the summary stinks, which it does, the story is incredibly worthwhile. Stained red with suspense and seething with ingenuity; forget roller-coaster rides, this is as interesting as finding the guy you're sharing the taxi with has a bloody knife sitting on his black raincoat and for some reason you find him eying you.

Well, you gotta say it IS interesting.

The art may not have been spectacular but it was the art that I miss greatly, like an old cassette. Anyway back to the features, the lips bugged me, it was a line, a very annoying line. Please illustrators, no, just no. No lines for mouths, please.

Other than the main character, the other characters were major second-bananas and sometimes were annoying and you find that all they're good for is to ask the main character how he found out that such and such was the culprit.

The story really eggs on your curiosity, and adds a new dimension to case files; it puts into question to why? Why murder such and such? Why? And that makes it great. GREAT! Adding another perspective to the case files puts the reader in another person shoes and questions who was really guilty and who deserved what.

Overall, a thumbs-up.