Oct 21, 2018
Derykasd (All reviews)
God this was painful to watch.

I don't want to waste your time as this anime does, so i'll go straight to the point: this is literally the worst thing i have ever seen and it's the edgiest thing i remember ever finishing. Of course, i only finished this because it was fun as hell to watch with someone else, i could not have standed a single episode if i was alone.

The first reason is because it's ugly, the only decently looking thing is the opening because it's so obviously "inspired" by that mahou shoujo anime everyone knows about and some glitch effects that you'll see in indie horror games. Aside from that, the color design is exhaustive to watch and distracting, everything is way too bright and the backgrounds are totally generic, it has stupid tone shifts to increase the edgeness meter and voice distortion that doesn't come off as disturbing or uncomfortable in a good way, but as cringy and laughable.

The whole production of this show sucks, almost every character looks like shit or is decently looking at times but still generic, so nothing of interesting to look at or drag your attention.

Oh, the characters, if you can even say they're characters.

Literally everyone's a psycho for stupid reasons, there's not enough background or suffering to make their personality changes believable, it's just misery porn, and bad misery porn at that. There's sadist characters because it has to be edgy and there's masochistic characters because it has to be edgy, everyone's moved by some superficial obsession or things that COULD have been believable if they were given more nuance and time to develop. It's that type of show where a lot happens but nothing really happens, it constantly goes back and around itself in a 12 episode cycle of repeating the same uninspired analogies, the same edgy scenes, the same nonsensical phrases and the same ugly places.

Yes, no one calls the police because that's too hard, or plot forbidden.

I think saying this was an attempt to portray traumatized minds is an overstatement, there's clearly no attempt at a logical plotline or at giving you a message, it's just edgy for the sake of it. Not to mention the unbelievable character's decisions and irrealistic things such as a child not being bored or smelling the rotten human flesh in the next room, or characters simply allowing other to do what they want to do and later being traumatized or disgusted because of their own stupidity.

There are things that are not brought up because it would make the anime end faster, such as a guy knowing where Satou works, having her appartment number but not doing anything to find it, instead he asks for another psycho to do it for him, who ends up doing exactly the same thing he did the whole show: being useless and dumb.

Backstories and flashbacks are badly written and shown at inconvenient times, characters are "developed" at a single moment and never again, there are scenes where they don't ever bother to attempt an explanation, such as the passaport's scene in the last episode.

Whenever there's an attempt at a foreshadowing, it's so obvious it's bad, something will get mentioned and it will happen in the most predictable way possible, character's jobs and school are ignored which makes it even more obvious that the only life everyone has is being a crazy person.

Also, the child has the highest IQ of all characters because everyone has to be stupid for a plot as this one to be duable at all, there's no remarkable aspect about it at all, just a lot of conveniences, it gets to the point where the city only appears to have two streets, like, seriously. The brother guy has been looking for this girl in the same place for three months and didn't call the cops even when he had proofs someone had kidnapped her, it's impossible to take it seriously or care about anything.

So, this show is actually enjoyable in an unintended way, it's so bad it's fun to suffer through and talk to someone about how badly written it is. If you want to learn some stuff about writing than maybe you should give it a go, but what you'll get from it is super basic and you probably already know it.

It's shit and i hate it.