Oct 21, 2018
blaziken25 (All reviews)
I'm a big fan of the Cowboy Bebop anime series, I've seen it numerous times. It's a classic for sure so I thought I'd check out the manga adaptation.

Story 4/10
First thing is that this manga is a reboot and has different storylines for all the characters. Which wouldn't be a bad thing if the manga actually had a story at all. The anime was mostly episodic but had the main plotline of Spike, Julia and Vicious. This manga tries to do something similar to that with the Scorpion storyline but falls very short. I didn't find the story very interesting and was often bored.

Art 8/10
The best part about this series was the artwork. It had nice shoujo artwork. The characters were stylised in the artist's own style which was nice.

Character 5/10
The characters don't really stand out from each other. Spike isn't the cool guy he was in the anime, Ed is annoying instead of funny like she was in the anime, Jet isn't the cranky cool guy and Faye is hardly in it. I don't remember what the antagonists were like since they barely mattered.

Enjoyment 4/10
I often got bored. The manga just didn't feel like Cowboy Bebop. It felt like a generic space story with a Cowboy Bebop skin. Of course, with no audio, it doesn't have that awesome musical punch that the series did. Maybe Cowboy Bebop just isn't mean to be a manga.

Overall 6/10
I give it a boost for the art, which was cute and nice shoujo art. Otherwise, this is a forgettable title. Which is a shame.