Oct 20, 2018
ElHespiritu (All reviews)
There must be some bug...

No matter how many keys I press, I'm totally unabled to display the "Options" menu and start the game.

All I get is a bunch of cinematical intros not particularly brilliant but heavily long; more than 20 minutes each one.

I guess it's a sorta fight tournament game or maybe an RPG... hard to tell.

I wonder why are they referring that much to the glorious 80s' "Fist of the North Star" (they even cutandpasted Ken's face over the 3D body of one of the characters you can choose to play with) when there's no similatiries between the game and that old anime nor in form neither in content.

I get some vague memories of a fist part of this video game with same issues to start playing... unsure if I finally figured it out.

It's a shame 'cause, if not else it has a wonderful BSO. The first musical theme of the intros (the tantamount of what would be an anime OP) is brutally lite.

Soul Seeker / Crossfire

Mmmh... all in all I'll probably give myself up and search for another game.

Or maybe I'll watch some anime.


Well, no. I'm not specially overfond of CGI animations.
How could you guess?