Oct 19, 2018
my_wander_woman (All reviews)
The arc where everything makes sense!

When someone who doesn't know Gintama asks me to tell the synopsis, I can't explain it. I'm sure you can't either.

The intensity.

But on the other hand I can describe my different states: one second I start laughing and crying, the next I cling to my chair, the next I hold my breath, the next second I scream, the next I applaud, the next I want to cry so much because the emotion is so intense. In short, Gintama is a manga that does not leave anyone indifferent.

If Gintama has not lost her sense of humour, this season is barely letting us breathe. When you think Gintama can't do better, a new twist appears!

The arc where everything makes sense!

Let's talk about this new arc. For me, it is the arc where everything makes sense. In 15 years, Hideaki Sorachi has introduced us to characters who are all more atypical and marginal than each other. This arc is an opportunity to see all of them again: the ones we love and the others we love a little less and where we always wondered what they could bring to the story (Prince Hata for example).

A new approach to the main character.

In a typical shōnen, we are used to the character being the one who fights the most fearsome antagonist of each arc. And yet! Gintoki may be charismatic and badass, but he will not solve every situation on his own. This arc is a good example of this as he faces the strongest antagonist of Gintama. EVERY character has a role to play and it is together with their strengths and weaknesses that they will succeed in overcoming the challenges. Friendship, common purpose, teamwork are the key words of this season.

Verdict after 15 years:

Gintama has proven over and over again that it belongs among the greatest mangas shōnen. The mangaka masters the art of intensity with sometimes short, very short arcs (less than 10 episodes). So I was afraid when I saw the manga lasted so many years (700 chapters) and embarked on much longer arches. Well, I have to say, I'm speechless. So many plot twists and all of this without pretension with a dose of humour that makes Gintama a unique shōnen.

Bonus: an opening 21 full of emotion...

I invite you to look at it.