May 5, 2007
Rowan (All reviews)
The plotline of DNAngel is really one of a kind. There are so many unique twists throughout the story that there is rarely a dull moment. Basically a boy named Daisuke Niwa falls in love with a girl names Risa Harada. On his fourteenth birthday he is basically rejected by Risa and later when he is thinking of her his DNA has some kind of reaction to Risa and he changes into the phantom thief Dark Mousy every time he thinks of Risa. To make matters difficult, Dark has the same reaction to Risa's twin sister Riku. But there is a problem- Risa is the one who likes Dark and Riku doesn't want anything to do with Dark. There is also a guy named Satoshi Hiwatari- he goes to school during the day and is the commander of the police at night. He is not only assigned to capture Dark but he has personal reasons to do so. Satoshi actually has an alter ego as well, Dark's all time nemisis, Krad. (notice Krad is Dark spelled backwards). Dark is the outgoing, flirty type but he does have a serious side. Daisuke is the innocent, average boy. Krad looks like an angel but has the heart of a devil. Satoshi is the genius, misunderstood character that thinks of nothing but capturing Dark. Risa is too preoccupied with her reputation and her "love" for Dark. Riku is the athletic, stronger twin. With (Wiz) is Dark's familiar and "wings". There are also characters like Daisuke's Mom, Dad, and Grandfather (I forgot their names >.>) that play important roles in some episodes. Anyways, the only way Daisuke can get rid of Dark is if his love (Risa) returns his feelings which is difficult because she is obsessed with Dark.

The animation is over-all really well done, in my opinion. There was nothing bad about it that distracts from the anime and there was a lot of effort put into it. Some of the images (especially at the end) look like they were done 3-d and it didn't really fit in to the rest of it, but nothing too distracting.

The music is really great- my favorite is the opening music. It brings out a lot of emotion and really fits really well with the anime.

I really liked DNAngel. I first saw it off youtube and I didn't have any speakers so at first I didn't get a good look at it because I was too bust trying to read the subtitles. When I was watching it I could think of nothing esle but it. I finally bought the box set and watched it for hours on end, once again thinking if nothing but it until I finished it and even after it was over. It is definately worth a look at, its a really great anime! ((its even better with sound (-^^)- )).