Oct 17, 2018
flipsard (All reviews)
Randomly searching for shorts to watch I stumbled across Zoo: Hidamari no Shi, I was at first put off by the mediocre art and weird sounds, but within a few minutes of it starting I found myself entranced in the story of this young girl/robot and the mysterious man who made her.

Story - 9
The story is rather simple, especially during the beginning, it simply follows a girl discover more about her world and herself, but as the story progressed I was amazed at how something so short could invoke so much emotion, I found myself tearing up during some parts, something I did not expect from this, truly a well made story for what it is.

Art - 6
The art is nothing to be proud of, it is very basic, especially the character designs. The background art especially in a few scenes is rather pretty and enjoyable to look at, but the characters don't often blend well with the background and stand out a bit to much.

Sound - 7
The voice acting wasn't the best in the world, but it also wasn't the worst I have ever seen, I didn't really notice anything bad from watching it other then a few weird sounds when the girl would turn her neck in the beginning.

Characters - 8
The girl was a nice character, I enjoyed watching her emotions blossom as the movie progressed, although she likes to drink coffee with sugar so I don't know about that, I enjoy how she is self aware about many things but also like a young child in many others, the man was also a nice character, especially as you began to learn more about him and his past, I truly did enjoy the character and drew close to them in such a short time.

Enjoyment - 8
From the simple story to the nice background art, the little details added throughout, I am sure with a larger budget it could truly look beautiful, but I don't think it is something that should put people of from experiencing this nice short movie.

Overall - 8
I don't usually enjoy many short movies, but this was something special, that I am glad I found, I would recommend it to someone who is looking for something shorter and easy to watch, from some of the small details and even some of the deeper themes it had, I enjoyed it all.