Oct 15, 2018
kr1ny (All reviews)
It's been an endless journey for me, trying to look for a romance story that doesn't merely begin with falling in love at first sight. As an avid romance fan, I agree that kind of start always make a great storyline however it's not realistic for me. I can't imagine falling over someone just cause of a single moment.

This manga enters - it takes that typical trope of meeting someone treating the lady MC a little bit differently than rest for her to take notice of him, and spin a unique story out of it. What results out of it is nothing really out of the ordinary, but a genuine story about how a relationship can develop following that first introduction to someone you are interested in.

The girl confesses to the boy she likes in the first chapter by striking up an unusual conversation. The boy goes along with it and a relationship forms. It's not even a special relationship - they seem more like friends. Two people enjoying each other's company, which is the greatest part. More often that not, we have two people in love with each other without actually getting to know each other at all and that frustrates me. But this manga - the two MCs actually spend time with each other as friends. They may not agree on everything, but they reach a compromise for every argument. Both of them have their own group of friends, who can see their relationship blossoming. So far, there's no unnecessary drama for the sake of drama. Life continues as normal, but that's the main attraction.

The girl doesn't try to become the guy's ideal, the guy doesn't try to impress the girl (....yet). They're honest with each other most of the time, trying to figure out each other's thoughts in the process because they are truly interested in getting to know each other. There are many things that is yet to be explored, especially with a newly formed loveline with the background characters. Honestly, if you're looking for a romance manga which takes a slightly more mature approach to relationships, this will be your cup of tea.