Oct 14, 2018
Lucisz (All reviews)
Story: 7
Everyone is cooking, there are two rival Nagashi shops, but the owners' sons like each other, so they have to keep it a secret. Well, okay, so it's Romeo and Juliet yaoi edition, written by Gordon Ramsay. It's 7 points from me.
For me, there are too many hot scenes (but I think it's only a problem for me). It has quite good humour, mostly at the beginning, it becomes more dramatic towards the end.

Characters: 9
Guys, if you like psychotic but kind and likeable characters, then you SHOULD read this, you would like Kazushi (the seme). I'm sure you will just love him. Also, it was a pleasant surprise that he watches what he says and does with Takahiro, though he is a crude person in the meantime.
Takahiro (or "Tacchaaaan!!") is also a good one, but sometimes I can't understand him.

Art: 7
Some parts aren't really detailed.

Enjoyment: 9
Kazushi is amazing, the whole manga is funny, but some parts are really dramatic.

Overall: 9
I'm bad at maths.