Oct 14, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Other than the male x male shipping, I am not finding many reasons to like this show anymore.

Half of the season is practically a collection of cliche action scenes. People teleport from the sky to save the day, others swing in the sky with spider-man gears, evil people sit on the face of someone just to prove that they indeed evil, Levi declares he is an insane badass by committing an act that distantly resembles the twisting of an arm. So fucked up! I am scared, literally how can man be this insane. Please, no, not the arm.

The other half is practically a parody of politics except the narrative itself doesn't recognize this lameness as a parody. People with might and power declare a thing, but another thing happens -- much like with the teleporting nakama in the action side -- other big guys teleport whenever important decisions are supposed to be made. Essentially every part of the politics is so one-dimensional it hurts and serves as an excuse to create more bullshit to fill the story with. These vary from random kidnapping incidents to people thinking one of their nakama dies if they don't hurry up. I am not sure how exactly am I supposed to be fooled by this when it is clear plot-armors in the series are thicker than the walls itself.

The best part of this show are the supposedly evil people and "our" enemies. Whenever our main squad gets called subhumen or pseudo-soldiers by them, I agree whole-heartedly. The opposing party did nothing wrong when looking down on our plebeian children at arms. Which this show really is all about. Some kids acting like they matter, fighting against titans or being titans or hiding from titans behind walls made of titans. At least the first season was fun to watch because it was a complete disaster and so overboard idiotic. This isn't even ironically fun anymore. More meaningless events one after another.

This season doesn't achieve anything. It's just Eren being chained half the time + farming, characters pondering over some action for half an episode each episode just to see the thing itself never happening. It's all false tension, all words no reward, no payout. Boring substance that is repetition of the same over and over while the fallacy that something might actually happen being there to fool those who are still buying this. Oh no, titan appears for the 700th millionth time, what a shock, I wonder which one of the two things that ever happen when a titan appear, happens this time around. Literally can't wait for the next cour.