Oct 14, 2018
Furuzaki (All reviews)
A manga adaption that didn't follow the novels.

Story: If you have no idea what Accel World is already, do not read the manga. Try the novels, or anime. Both of which is available to buy in English. Accel World is a sequel to SAO, playing out in 2046. While SAO began in 2022, or somewhere near there. Same author, along with mentions of SAO in Accel. It's quite interesting.

The manga is like a spin-off that does whatever it wants. So it's for fans of the original story. It even does a crossover with SAO. And considering the low amount of volumes, this manga adaption was never a serious attempt for greatness, but rather a glorified fan-fiction.

Characters: A silly immature junior, a mature "cool beauty" senior, along with a best friend Professor. The characters are all well done, but the manga does a bad job of actually showing it.

Overall, The SAO manga, along with the Accel manga are both badly made. It's a real disappointment considering the original stories are at least interesting. But it's Science Fiction, and that would be too wordy for a manga, so Accel World's manga is simply bad. Recommended for hardcore fans only.

+ It's Accel World. Loved the Novels
- Art is bad
- Not good enough original arcs
- Bad crossover with SAO

PS: This manga was bad. But the novels are actually really good, if you liked the anime, do try the novels. And try to forget about this manga if you ended up reading it...