Oct 13, 2018
LampxTenor (All reviews)
Since nobody will bother to make a fair review of this literal ONE SHOT series (emphasis on the fact that its only a single chapter).

Story: Not the most original in comparison with the rest of Bleach. Just plain fun and interesting. But I like it that way to be honest. Things synch up well and it's an interesting read. Instead of Zanpakutos the British branch has guns. I feel like this could have used in a more creative way with the pistols changing form based on the commands their given like morphing into Shotguns or LMG's.

Art: Great as ever

Characters: I liked Noel's attitude and thought she was pretty damn sexy, Ninnie was kind of a brat but not overly annoying.

Enjoyment: Great. It's a fun story explaining what Bleach would look like if it took place in London.

Overall I think it's a decent series and that you might enjoy giving this a try