Oct 12, 2018
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An Avant Garde Masterpiece

A surreal fragmented narrative told through nothing but mock interviews, fake advertisements and animated music videos sequences set to 80s pop hits. In fact, the whole thing is book ended by Phil Collin's music!

Despite wielding only this pastiche of 80s pop culture, a compelling example of 'show not tell' storytelling is expertly achieved within just 20 minutes. The remainder 15 minutes? Dedicated to the promotional material and the 'making of'. A fitting metafiction for this story within a story.


-The Twin Towers as an allegory for our twin protagonists

-Silent film dialogue

-Phil Collins

-Awesomely atmospheric montage of NYC nightlife set to an obscure new wave song

-Totally not gay brotherly kiss


-Even more Phil Collins

So watch this post modernist masterpiece now; a compact culmination of 1980s western culture in all its glory!