Oct 11, 2018
ShadowStealer7 (All reviews)
TL;DR: Works better as a companion to the game, anime original scenes or changes from the game are generally pretty good but the rest can be seen as average in terms of writing. Art is mediocre overall but gets better too late. Enjoyable if a Persona fan, just don't expect P4A 2.0

Persona 5 the Animation has been the subject of ridicule with the quality of the art and animation along with the rushing of a 100+ hour game into 26 episodes plus an unspecified amount of OVAs later on, and from this you would think that CloverWorks has somehow managed to make the worst anime of the year. As someone who loved the game and somewhat enjoyed the anime, I disagree.

Let me explain.


The same as the game that's being adapted, a few changes to some major events that, in my mind, fix some areas of the game that I found a bit off (such as the existence of the betrayal being revealed in the first 15 minutes of the game and the Okumura arc). The rest of it is around or below average, especially near the beginning with the Kamoshida arc being horribly rushed, with a silver lining in that the writing seemed to improve as the series continued.


Below average for the most part, with some standouts in the final few episodes. Poor animation (particularly All-Out Attacks and the use of CG outside of bosses) and art are everywhere in this adaptation, so the less said the better. The second set of visuals for both OPs and the final few episodes stand out as good art from this adaptation.


The game's soundtrack with sometimes weird timings and mixing along with a few anime original tracks, both instrumentals and ones with Lyn again providing vocals.


Here's where things get interesting. On one hand, Ren Amamiya is quite a boring character compared to the Joker of the game, particularly if you liked to pick the joke options, and is a huge let down to me after the P4 and P3 animes' portrayals of their protagonists (he has a few moments but despite them there's no redeeming his writing). The other characters, however, get expanded upon and have anime original moments that are actually good. Goro Akechi's friendship/rivalry with Ren sees heavy expansion to the point that they can be considered as having a connection instead of one line and a confidant rank up like in the game. The entire party seems to interact with each other more too, like the anime's addition of Ann and Makoto's friendship after the Kaneshiro arc.


It's good I guess. I feel as if you'd have a much better time in watching this after completing the game as while the general quality of the series ranges from average to poor the new content, whether its original scenes or changes to the game's script, were generally the highlights of what could have been a massive dump on a great game