Oct 11, 2018
Seregosa (All reviews)
It's pretty good, a snap above the original anime seasons for sure, barely reaching an 8/10 when factoring in my enjoyment and 6/10 or so otherwise. However, it does reuse the exact same formula once again, which is quite boring. It's exactly like the anime seasons and I guess the arcs in the novel. It starts with lighthearted comedy with no real plot or anything and all of a sudden, we're met with a somewhat explosive ending with a lot of drama and sometimes tragedy. As usual, the drama and tragedy is very unnecessary, even to the point of being something of a detriment since it doesn't fit in well with a story like this that doesn't have anything resembling a solid or serious plot/story. It's pretty much a new anime season compressed into one roughly third of the usual length, around 4 episodes in length instead of 12.

It's once again quite enjoyable almost solely because of the character interactions which are lovely. There's obviously flaws, but they're not as notable as in the main anime thanks to the short duration. I feel like it's definitely worth watching it, especially if you liked the original anime seasons.

On a side note, I felt like the art/animation was a fair bit better than the original anime, especially notable in the fight at the end, might have something to do with both that it was made later than than season 1 and 2 and that it was a movie rather than an anime season, so I guess more time and resources might've went into it. Oh, and the mc is as much of a disappointment as usual as well, all he can do is shout and throw his selfish emotions around everywhere when things doesn't go his way, acting like a baby. He endangers both himself and those around him without caring one bit or considering the situation and his own limitations. Sometimes I have this sadistic desire of wanting to see people close to the mc dying thanks to his reckless decisions and immaturity, or wanting him to die and witness the pain, grief and destruction it would wreak upon everyone around him as he watches in spirit form or whatever. Maybe that'd wake morons like this up. People like him just shouldn't be put into drama/tragedy situations, let him be a romcom slice of life type protagonist instead, that's where he belongs. It's just notable in the last 20-30minutes though where things hit the fan. Urgh, so incompetent yet has such a big mouth, if it wasn't for his planet-sized plot armour, he'd be dead a million times over, EVEN with the help of all the girls he surrounds himself with. He might as well stay as shiori("female" version of the mc when he crossdresses), maybe he'd actually be useful and have some powers to back his bullsh*t up if he was a female in this anime/novel, since, for some reason, only girls can fight here. Well, the mc will probably be able to use other spirits powers later on, but he shows no desire to learn how to do so even while knowing he has those powers and having used them before, although he does use them more and more often while trying to rush towards his own death in his attempt to sacrifice himself while knowing perfectly well he has no powers to do anything(but this self-sacrifice behavior obviously triggers the girls to power up and save him, wow, so damn bad I cringe at the mere idea). Pathetic mc. He's nice whenever combat or drama of any kind is involved.