Oct 11, 2018
Seregosa (All reviews)
I won't like a long review, this is just an OVA after all.

I really liked this ova, there's some nice comedy and we get to see a kurumi that loves the mc and they go on a proper date, something we haven't seen before. It was fairly moving, but personally I kind of wish it had been less of a tragedy at the end, I don't feel like this anime should actually have much drama and tragedy seeing how the story is subpar and there's plot holes everywhere, but the author doesn't feel the same, clearly.

Well, I guess that in a way, it's fairly well done for once, it's certainly a good snap above the main show. It properly wakes emotions, is properly amusing and touching, something the main show failed with most of the time. I just hope that we will actually see that kurumi again, it'd be cool if her personality replaced the main one :D