Mar 6, 2008
Oyamada_Ryosei (All reviews)
Kouetsu Sangokushi is a historical anime, based on a Chinese tale, the Romance of the three kingdoms. The most of the story takes place at the lands of Go (one of the three kingdoms; Go, Gi and Shoku).
In the second scene, we come to know Rikuson, a son of a noble, ancient family, and his master, the beautiful Koumei. They are watching a battle, the Go army against the Gi army. Even the army of Gi is much more bigger, Rikuson thinks that Go will win, because he can feel some kind of strange power. This power comes from the Sovereigns Seal, an ancient treasure that was saved by Rikuson's ancestors for ages. The Sovereigns Seal gives incredible power to it's user, but Go's king, Sonsaku killed Rikuson's father and stole the Seal, and now, it's in the hands of humans who uses it to destroy each other.
Koumei asks Rikuson to go after the Sovereigns Seal, and that's the part where the story begins.

The story has some smaller parts, each part is about a war between Gi and Go, or we can follow the way of Rikuson and his five comrades (Ryoutou, Ryomou, Taishiji, Shoukatsukin and Kannei) on their way to become the strongest fighters of Go.
After the first part, the smaller fights end and begins a new, much more bigger war against the newly risen kingdom, Shoku that's ruled by a young, immature boy, Ryuubi. Ryuubi wants to turn the whole world to a huge garden full with flowers. And he will find a very powerful helper.

The character design of the story is absolutely fine. There can be a little problem with the gender of some characters, for example Sonken, the new ruler of Go, or Ryuubi. They rather look like girls, and not boys. Ryuubi has pink hair with a little blue bow, and both of them dresses like a woman. But except this kind of things, it's all right. (My personal opinion is that at the beginning Koumei isn't beautiful, but that's subjective.)
Though the art was good, sometimes I had the feeling that I was watching the Japanese cartoon version of the Powerangers. But the landscapes are mostly well-made.
The background music is nothing special, goes well with the whole serial. A bit boring after a longer time. I can't say a thing about the opening or the endings songs, I've never listened them.

Finally, my personal thoughts... Maybe you could have troubles with it's boy-boy things. It's shounen-ai, so it's not a big surprise that they get close to each other, but if you have problems with it, Koutetsu Sangokushi is not for you. Anyway during the episodes there is not even a kiss. And there aren't any girls.
I think the story is a bit stupid and sloppy. There are too much flowers, too much crying and dying. But not a bad one. I wish you a good experience.