Jul 31, 2010
IceAndCream (All reviews)
A manga about...plants? Yep.

Saotome is obsessed with plants. So it's a dream come true when he finds out that fellow student Tendou at his new school is actually a super-plant. Not only can Tendou sprout branches, tendrils, and flowers whenever he feels like it, but he can send pollen through the air that controls people's minds. And his powers are evolving.

Tendou takes the form of a human, and has many human feelings and emotions, but has super-plant abilities as well. He is initially irritated by Saotome's interest in him. But why does Tendou live with humans when he hates them so much? And what about the famous plant biologist who wants to get his hands on him?

There's no way a manga about plants can be interesting. That's what I thought. Plants are BORING. And to be honest, there was a lot about this manga that wasn't that great. The art was...unusual, let us say. It wasn't BAD, but it was unusually simplistic for a manga. There were a lot of cliches in the storyline (the evil scientist, the jealous female, etc.).

But oddly, despite these drawbacks, I actually enjoyed it. Saotome doesn't back down from trying to forge a friendship with Tendou. Tendou faces insecurities being neither plant nor human, and struggling to find where he belongs. This fairly short story had a warm little kernel down in the heart of it.