Mar 6, 2008
bjtdevera (All reviews)
This is such a nice break from epic fighting or sci-fi anime. This is just a short and sweet look at the life of an ordinary student with an extraordinary ability.

1. Unique. How many other anime out there feature a kid at an agricultural college who can see microbes?
2. Interesting Characters. All of the main characters are interestingly eccentric, but not annoying, tiresome, or too over-the-top.
3. A nice, fun, sweet little story. It's not the funniest comedy out there, but it had enough laughs in it to make every episode a relaxed, enjoyable experience.
4. Ecchi-esque, but not ecchi at all. You'll just have to watch it to understand.

1. Minor plot points. For example, the plot twist involving the main character's best friend came out of nowhere and didn't seem to fit in. Also, some relationships didn't have enough time to develop as much as I'd hoped.
2. Too short. I would have loved to see another 12 episodes or so.