Jul 30, 2010
mel-hime (All reviews)
Just finished watching it and I liked it.

Story-7,it's not uncommon,still in the Gundam form- a guy that appears incapable of doing something or common suddenly manages to fight a robot different from the others in order to protect his friends.-Despite that,the story is structurated well,though i still believe 50 minutes isn't enough,especially for the first part,in order to introduce us well to the characters.But for now we do have a presentation to the main character,Rygart Arrow,and a small idea about the other characters.

Art-10,because it is Production I.G. and XEBEC we are talking about,and it looks well for me,as a mecha-fighting anime.The surroundings,canyon and desert really seem to bring out that feeling of isolation and arid grounds.

Sound-10- because it is Kokia that does the opening,with another amazing and beautiful song,and Faylan's ending is also nice and more action-like.

Characters-8.It is hard to grasp the characters for now.But i do have a general idea concerning Arrow,Sigyn and Hodr.I like that Arrow is the more realistic,peaceful type.He has accepted his image in the world as a '' un-magic user'' and tries to maintain peace.I am curious about how he will face the problem of ''fighting'' his old friend.He seems rather innocent somehow [which makes him cute*giggles*].It is more than obvious that ,although Sigyn is married,there is something between them [ and not only friendship...i dare to say xD]

Enjoyment-10- it was very dinamic for a first part episode/ova/movie..and things didn't seem to progress too slow...but not too fast either,although it is because of this,that i wanted more than 50 minutes of it.

Overall-10, for a first.I really enjoyed it,as a mecha-action,it didn't let me down at all.But,you will have to watch it to see for yourself.