Oct 6, 2018
KiliianSleipnir (All reviews)
Ok, since the only reviewer for this show had only seen ep1 i'll give you a more 'in-debth' review of the first 4 eps ;9. I've submitted a synopsis, but if it's not approved (previous reviewer's synop. sucked) i'll summarize. in short: Sumi a high school girl's mom suddenly dies, rent high, bills piling up, no other relatives, she's broke, gal-pal of hers intros her to the website FreeFriends. mostly used for 'compensated dating' aka prostitution. first guy she 'meets' is an ok guy, they do it, she gives him her 'personal info' for 'later encounters'. Kaito, the guy, student teacher, kinda a man-whore, no real girlfriends, uses FreeFriends to 'relieve stress', meets Sumi and finds out a bit later she attends the same school he teaches at, and also discovers (que dramatic music)... after their 2nd 'date' he reveals his 'discovery' and she suddenly moves in with him because he's her 'last hope for survival'. their relationship 'evolves' beyond john/hooker, student/teacher, into a... SLIGHTLY... more normal boyfriend/girlfriend type by ep4's end.

yes, it's a PoRO production so the character designs, art, music, actors, etc. are pretty much standard for their works. I'm a 'bit of an aficionado' of PoRO and think its one of the the top H-anime producers today. yes, the voices are fairly familiar. I don't think anybody that's watched a PoRO production in the past 5 years WON'T recognize a few voices. but, the acting is SUPERB! even outside of the 'wet n squishy scenes'. YES! this H has an OVERALL story arc! apparently the VisualNovel it's based on has QUITE the long playtime according to a few FB friends of mine who own the Eng. Version. I DO WATCH H not just to 'enjoy the moment'. I like a show that has more 'normal anime elements' than just the art styles; FreeFriends2 has 'more normal anime elements' than most H out there. YES the MC's are worried about 'Kaito's discovery', the age/gap, and student/teacher thing... NO it's not rape! Sumi is quite infatuated with Kaito even before she 'finds out his discovery'. I won't get too detailed with the various kinds of 'wet n squishy scenes' but it's pretty much vanilla H, there's nothing AMAZINGLY extreme, some risky situations, but there's no BDSM, rape, Netorare, Shibari, mind-break, ugly old fat bastard, blackmail, drugs/hypnosis, or other stuff most folks don't like in H. if you're looking for an H-title with more than just 'moments to enjoy yourself with' watch FreeFriends2. damn, I forgot, based on the final scene of ep4, I BELIEVE there will be an ep5. but like several of the eps of FreeFriends2 I've seen previously, once again the fansubbers have 'hacked off' the "Next Time On FreeFriends2" preview for ep4.