Oct 2, 2018
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the image and the title of the manga. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the seemingly calm intro of the manga. DO YOU THINK the main characters are all alive since the beginning? If you are uncomfortable with gore and jumpscare, please read this manga with caution. For you to decide if you like this manga or not. Use 1 chapter, yes... the first chapter, to see if you like it or not. If you don't, then please do not continue because it is going be hella scary and even more thrilling (still has goosebumps while writing this review). Also, if you like the concept of "All You Need is Kill", dive in.

(Minor spoiler)
For the following review, I won't talk about any characters and stories since this manga is best not to be spoiled. I can warn you, but that is it.

Story: 9.5
It has been a long while to have a manga that causes me to feel the pain and excitement of slipping pages to pages. There are so many plot twists and jumpscare that make me go "what the ****". Yet, everything fits perfectly. Obviously, this Mangaka has definitely taken a ton of time to setup this well-planned story. This thrillerish manga has one of the best story. -0.5 for potential future error.

Art: 10
The art of the manga cover or website image link is what draws me to read this manga. Seriously, Ushio is really pretty and the other characters are pretty well drawn in a sense that they are all unique and pretty intricated. While trying to draw those people, the author does a really good job to depict their expressions and (potential) deaths scenes (OOF). Even during the fighting scenes, we can see that the mangaka definitely took his time to draw out the "realness" of what if the character smash the floor or the effect of what if the character uses a hammer and smash on another person's body (oops, don't be scared after this sentence). No doubt, easy 10.

Character: 10
I don't want to get into this category because I will spoil a huge part of fun. But with the detailed planning made by the Mangaka, it is an easy 10 as well.

Enjoyment: 10
For a person who dislikes reading this type of genre(I read mangas to relax, enjoy and laugh), I won't say I "enjoy" it; however, my eyes and my hands won't allow me to take a break. Thus, the whole time, I feel that I am torturing myself for upcoming jumpscares and plot twists. To make sure I am not biased, I used my roommate as a white mouse haha and he said this manga is hella good (he also binged read 37 chapters like I did)! xD

Overall: 9
Definitely a masterpiece so far. I will hate myself if I have ever seen an update because my right hand won't resist on clicking the link for the newest chapter ;( Yet, this manga is still developing and there is still potential room for error. So, -1 for safety.

The content is probably not children friendly. Yet, this manga has a huge manga to movie/anmie potential. Jeez. I still have goosebumps when I try to complete the conclusion because this manga is so daym good.