Oct 2, 2018
esaoud (All reviews)
High Score Girl was obviously not going to be a flashy hit. It's wonky art style, niche setting, and lack of typical tropes. But it managed to be different and endearing. The three main characters were all relatable and their actions and feelings were both novel and understandable for the most part. It managed to tell a decent story very well, embracing the retro game culture it set itself in. The music also was very well done and fit the theme of the show.

That said, it's problems were clear. The art, while refreshingly different, was still below par. There were times it was noticeably really bad; the blush on his mom's cheeks going over her hair come to mind. The supporting characters outside of the main three were either annoying, shallow, nondescript, or all three. The show put very little focus on these characters so it was not a huge issue, but I hated or was neutral on all of them with the possible exception of the mom.

For me, its far and away largest problem , which may not be one, is the ending. It was done fantastically. In fact, it might be my favorite scene of the show. The problem is that it wasn't a damn ending, it was a huge cliffhanger that will hurt the show immensely if it isn't resolved. A 13th episode or a 2nd season could obviously cure this, so we'll have to wait in see if it happens. Till then, off to the manga I guess.