Oct 2, 2018
starfarts (All reviews)
After 30 years of missing out, I finally finished my first anime--and what a great ride! I honestly never knew these things could elicit such strong emotions, both to characters and the general plot, but now I finally realize what all this is about. For 25 episodes I went on a ride that included great joy, extreme sadness, fantastic music, cool mecha designs, and pretty cartoon women. The entire range of my emotional capacity was tested, and for that reason alone I think Cross Ange is a masterpiece. I only wish there was more!

My only major complaint lies in the character of God, whose real motives I never fully grasped. For the first two-thirds of Cross Ange I truly thought he was a neutral observer, only interfering when necessary to steer things on a better path (much like alleged irl gods); but then, his character rapidly changed to a harem-wanting sociopath. The transition was poorly executed in my opinion, without really presenting "his side" of the shift. And for a minor complaint, I was ultimately confused about how both women and men weren't...ah...anatomically presented with everything intact. I suppose it's because I'm such a newcomer and I don't understand what is allowed and what isn't, but the lack of certain features was terribly odd.

The main character of Ange, however, is tremendous. While her arch certainly follows the traditional fall then rise again, it was explored completely and left no doubt as to the why and how. Most Hollywood films don't have this quality of exploration into a character's motives, and it unironically blew me away.

Obviously I'm not a season veteran of anime, but I have seen thousands of traditional films and television shows, so at least I have exposure to storytelling: and by that metric, I'm comparing this to the best those fields have to offer.