Sep 30, 2018
Swordarc (All reviews)
TL;DR: Risking itself in doing multiple tasks, but it turns out becoming an anime that you can't miss out!!!

I remembered the days I was watching shounen anime and most of them are often really shallow and repetitive, I know someone may disagree with my point of view, but most shounen anime doesn't really impress me much, as main characters are being ignored and they just focus on one or two characters, the storytelling is even most likely omitted, they just focus on one theme then all episodes are all similar, which is really boring to me. I really want to try to find a good shounen anime, but I can't.

Cells at work, on the other hand, is really impressive. It has satisfied me more than I expected. This is not really a typical educational anime, which each episode is the narrator talking about how each cell functions in different circumstances. They're all inserted with different personalities and the varieties of this show has become one of the main features of this anime.

+Many character varieties
+Many story elements (comedy, shounen, passions)
+being educational in an interesting way

-Perhaps some episodes need more explanations
-Due to its varieties, viewers may not enjoy it entirely

Generally, the characters have many varieties, we have red blood cell, who is acting like clumsy, she seems to be very useless in most situations and requires help from others. White blood cell, which seems to be the one who is very helpful and energetic and able to know clearly how the body works.These are just two examples from the anime and I can already write a few sentences about them. You can see that each character is being organised thoroughly to fit into the personification. You might ask about that will there be any inconsistencies with its educational theme? I can tell you the answer is clearly no. Each character is still referring to their functions according to Biology, they are just being added some flavours to become more interesting to look at and I can say that it's not easy to do that. It's indeed really risky to do two tasks at the same time, but cells at work has nailed it at the end.

Furthermore, some characters even have a whole episode to talk about their past events, while being educational. For instance, there's an episode about red blood cell and white blood cell being taught by Macrophage, how they face the obstacles and challenges among bacteria. Most shounen anime are unable to do that, they just focus solely on their themes, like Food Wars, which is about Souma cooking dishes and facing obstacles. It's entertaining enough for people who like insane cooking challenges, but what about people who don't? What about for people looking for an interesting story? It's kinda questionable in my opinion (you can refer to my previous review for more details), but cells at work can do so. Each episode has shown enough character personalities and stories, while being educational in a comedic way. It doesn't really solely focus on its educational values, but focus on many other aspects as well, clearly the writers have put many efforts in this anime. Hence, it's more enjoyable in my opinion.

Perhaps in some situations, I think some episodes that Cells at work needs more elaboration, like the episode about fever, the problem hasn't fully solved yet, but it ends up in a rush and moving on to the next disease, maybe because of the episode limit. Also, as it has many varieties to offer, viewers may not enjoy all the elements that this anime offered due to their preferences. However, I think at the end at least you will get something enjoyable apart from its educational values and I think this is a kind of anime that everyone would enjoy watching it.

The animation is in a simple style and it's crafted perfectly to fit into the main theme. Maybe if more colour visuals are used, it'd be more better. Voice actors are great, here we have Hanazawa Kana, voiced as Red Blood cell and platelet voiced by Naganawa Maria, which is the voice actor that has also voiced as Kanna from Dragon Maid and they all fit into the characters well. Sound effects are used in many scenes. The op by characters and the ed by ClariS are also very great to listen as well.

Story:9/10 (S)
Animation:8.5/10 (A+)
Sound:9/10 (S)
Character:9/10 (S)
Enjoyment:8.5/10 (A+)
Overall: 8.85/10 (A+)