Jul 28, 2010
deleteme234 (All reviews)
Darker than Black is one of those shows that make me appreciate anime. This original, smart, and fast-paced show is able to create a believable world, full of special powered assassins who roam the streets of Japan called Contractors.


Instead of trying to explain the whole story to you, Darker than Black takes the viewer right into the action. As the story progresses, you learn more and more about the world occupied by these assassins, such as what Heaven and Hell's Gate are.

The first half of the series is split up into 2 episode segments where the infamous contractor BK-201, otherwise known as Hei, a contractor stuck in a cat's body named Mao, a seemingly emotionless doll named Yin, and their supervisor, Huang, carry out various missions. The second half is where all the climax reaches it's point and everything becomes clear.

Darker than Black has a gripping and marvelous story packed with action and tension!!!


Darker than Black has really good artwork, even for an anime. Bones must have really cared about this show, because the artwork is top notch.


In order for any movie or television show to be really good, there needs to be amazing music. Just look at Death Note, Batman, Star Wars; all contain memorable soundtracks. The same holds for Darker than Black. Also, both opening songs are extremely memorable and were well chosen for this show.


Darker than Black has an expansive universe with more characters than I can remember; my two favorite characters being Hei and Jack Simon (November 11). All the characters in Darker than Black are unique, quirky, and interesting.

I highly recommend this anime to everyone. In fact, I actually purchased the complete series, something I do for only my favorite series.