Sep 27, 2018
Jacob194 (All reviews)
"Let us go, to pluck that star together! Starlight, it's the story of the goddesses drawn by the glow of the heavens, yet they are pulled apart, never to meet again, it is a sorrowful tale."

Thank goodness Revue Starlight isn't an idol anime, nor is it an action anime either, it has elements from both genres, singing and dancing from idol anime, and fighting from an action one, but it's different, unique and original, how it does everything, how it foreshadows things episodes before they actually happen, I just love this anime, I only wrote this review because I believe this is a hidden gem and it deserves more appreciation.

Story (8/10) : 2 girls make a promise when they were young to stand together on the same stage and do the "Starlight" performance, with a small twist of having real fantasy-like battles in the underground stage to become the top star and get the center position? Simple enough right? We all could predict how this anime will most likely end, but everything that leads to it is one hell of a ride, this show is about talent, hardwork and most importantly desire, and it is a story inside the same story.

Art (10/10) : The art is top notch, the animation is so fluid and brilliant, the epic scenes are everywhere, every episode will amaze you even more than the one before by how they uses their visuals to sometimes explain and foreshadow a lot of things, so paying attention is really needed to fully enjoy this anime.

Sound (10/10) : The OST is freaking great, the opening and ending are really good, and the insert songs... holy shit insert songs, I can't emphasize on how god tier they are.

Characters (9/10) : Characters are pretty decent, each has their own qualities and they develop throughout the episodes of the anime, they have their desires and their problems and most of it is realistic and not too forced.

Enjoyment (10/10) : If you enjoy great music, top quality animation and symbolic shows then this anime should be up your alley, I remember watching every episode raw then rewatching it again when the subbed version gets released, that just shows how hyped I was for this and how much I enjoyed it.

Overall (10/10) : Of course I'm giving this show a 10/10 just for the amount of enjoyment I had watching this, definitely AOTS for me, heck probably even AOTY too, would recommend everybody to give this a try, the 1st episode might come as a bit weird, but once you get used to it in the second episode the enjoyment would follow right away, you can also check "Nearly on Red"'s youtube channel for detailed explanations of the vast symbolism in this anime.

Note : Subs for this anime are mostly terrible, StarlightSubs / HorribleSubs / FlySubs are shit for the most part, I'd suggest watching ACSS or Chyuu-PAS subs.