Jul 27, 2010
Catsup (All reviews)
One way i find my manga is through the reccomendations section of a manga i already read (and enjoyed). This manga was the recommendation of a recommendation (i typically dont read horrors, lol). Anyway, this manga is a good break to any other type of manga (unless its already horror your reading). A very MYSTERIOUS (in the good way) and yet DISTURBING manga at the same time.

Jisatsu Circle is a manga that truly shows what girls go through sometimes, with a lot of gore and body parts added into the mix. (as you will soon see when you read it *winks). Like most horror manga, it will start out with a massive shock factor that will horrify the reader into think "hey? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? and try to read on". And there are many twists in the story, leading the reader to falsely suspect people. And some freaky un-explained occurrances.

Mainly focuses on suicide, girls' lives (what ppl dont know), gore, and cult.
DO NOT READ IF YOU CANT TOLERATE EXTREME GORE, even i (who i think can stand most shock factors, flinched a bit after viewing it in the first chapter :/ ).

The characters in this manga are drawn in an entirely different style than what most ppl who read mangas are used to. I must say, this is one of the only manga whose characters actually might look like real life ppl (the eyes are smaller, not all girls are lovey dovey and cute). For most people who like cute manga girls with large eyes and stuff, this manga might not seem appealing in this way, but the art is unique in this way and suits this manga well.

There is a lot of character information, and the main character Saya Kota develops very well in this manga. The manga is designed so that it is mostly told from a third person's point of view: Saya Kota's friend Kyoko. IMO the characters are very well explained in this manga, about how they came to be. Kyoko shares her memories of Saya from even when they were children, and how tragedy afflicted her friend. In the end, Kyoko is finally able to reach Saya just a bit, but it is too late...and the circle (or shall i say cycle) of horror continues.

Most ppl would enjoy the story more than the gore IMO. The story (along with explicit pictures shown) will make you feel horror, sadness, intensity, shock, and sometimes even disgust. But there are many twists, and you'll want to keep reading to find out the whole mystery of the story.

Again, DO NOT READ THIS MANGA IF YOU CANT STAND GORE, otherwise it is a great manga, and is concise. Shows very well what girls may be suffering through, and has shock content and mystery to keep the reader on edge and the pages flippin.