Sep 26, 2018
Ankithadam (All reviews)
There are some stories which would take you to another world, it feels as if the scenes are replaying in your memory constantly even after you have completed it. Samurai Champloo is one such series.

Here I'll write a short review on why you should watch Samurai Champloo and why is it so much worth.

Already you must have read countless amount reviews praising the series, but then why isn't it as popular as cowboy bebop?

That's because this series has 26 episodes of content and story is episodic in nature, there isn't any driving plot to the final conclusion or ending. While cowboy bebop is fast paced, has more characters compared to Samurai Champloo and also has more story and the ending is devastating stealing the hearts.

But the thing is, what makes this series one of the epics in adventure type stories is that you don't know what's going on in character's mind, all you know is what they speak. It makes you guess the character's mind and way of thinking. You actually become one among them.

Throughout the series, you will encounter various stories about how people struggled in earlier days, how people were tricked, how gangs emergerd, wars begun, oppression in society, prostitution and you also come to know even among all these there are people who are generous and willing to help a stranger.

The soundtracks are good, some people might like it, some might not.

Art is top notch, fights are badass, Character development might not be good is what you think, but that's what is unique in this series, you think like them, you cheer for them, you cry with them. Its as if you were one among them. What I found most intriguing is that most of the stories felt realistic which lacks most in almost all anime..

At the end of the day, you will be left with a feeling, why has the journey stopped so quickly? couldn't' it have been forever? what is left of me? Where should I be going now? Should I cry and tell everyone to go on a new journey? All these thoughts would be haunting you for a long time. XD

Go watch it and enjoy the adventure of the trio...